We are First Principles Ventures.

First Principles Ventures LLP is a leading provider of services, solutions and products to innovative companies. We empower market leaders, with strategic consulting, tech operations, product builds to solve unique business problems.

We Consult

We Create

We Innovate

We Build


We can help you identify the most optimal, cost-effective tech architecture that would reliably solve your business needs.

Wordpress Websites

Build any website with robust backend, database and security. We have built 450+ websites on this great platform.

Web Design

Front-end engineering with HTML, CSS and Javascript. From Bootstrap to Foundation. Wireframes to prototypes.

Graphic Design

Scalar or Vector?! Branding Collaterals, Brand Image, Web and Social Presences have their yearly trends. We can keep you updated.


We build Woocommerce, Shopify, Subscriptions & membership sites. Whatever your store needs are, we have a solution.


For Blockchain, Ethereum ERC Tokens & ICO Related Services. We even build our own Blockchains.

Think Tank

We just ask the right questions. Our clients love what we do, but mostly for how we do it. We can be your extended brains.

Research & Development

R&D preps the business for the risks and opportunities to come. If done well... it creates the opportunity.

Meet the Team

Our company is a collective of contrasting people striving to build meaningful products & deliver transformative services.

Ram N

Partner, CEO, NPD, Strategy

Gautham N

Partner, COO, Compliance, Logistics

Jayanand UC

Partner, Business Development, Outreach

Mohit Sharma

Engineer, Tech, DevOps

Aniket Kashyap

Engineer, Tech, R&D

Raja AL

Business Process Management

Shrikanth KM

Engineer, Tech

Vijay HR

Engineer, Tech

AL Karthik

Engineering Design & Dev